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For those looking to arm themselves with an international degree from a top, recognized university and that too without worrying about an exorbitant fee structure, Germany is the ideal country to head to. That’s simply because public universities in Germany charge no tuition fees for undergraduate courses, a privilege that is offered to both German and international students. Germany has been rated among the top five countries in the world for quality education, with Munich and Berlin ranked among the world’s top cities for students. What’s more, as many as 42 German Universities feature in the QS World University Ranking, in simple words, in Germany you can choose from world-leading universities, offering a multitude of subjects, disciplines and courses. The most popular international recognized undergraduate degrees in Germany are BEng ( Engineering, Bio Sciences), BA (Bachelor of Art) and B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science), and apart from a nominal university fee for administrative purposes, students study free of cost at the State Universities.

A German University degree is coveted by employers around the world

With universities in Germany focusing on scientific and practice-oriented approach to education. Students can choose from degree programmes, as well as specialized degrees and study on campuses which boast of state-of-the-art facilities, a world-class faculty, with a strong German economy and government support paving the way for higher standards of education, at minimal costs. One important aspect to consider if you are looking to pursue education in Germany is the fact that the language of instruction at most universities here is German, so a fair proficiency in the language is essential and will go a long way in paving way for a successful study experience in Germany.


Germany is fast emerging as the new land of opportunities

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Among the top destinations for immigrants. Germany is Europe’s economic leader, with the National economy built on industrial giants like Siemens and of course, the unparallel German automobile industry, famed for its engineering, precision, innovation and design. From top luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz to dependable everyday cars, German cars are world-renowned, with German Companies are now providing engineers to be part of this growth and success.

The German government is encouraging and facilitating immigration

By simplifying procedures, supporting German language classes and introducing programmes to mentor and guide immigrants. The reason is because of low birthrate, the population in Germany is shrinking and fears are that in a decade, the German Labour force will reduce drastically, with less number of skilled and educated people to take the surging economy to the next level. To deal with this decline in people power, the German government is opening up the job market in sectors like engineering, machinery, IT, telecom, automobile industry, tourism, food, manufacturing.

graduation from a German

A graduation from a German University can open many job avenues for international students and Germany promises not only a great work environment, but opportunities for career and personal growth